Unit Specifications

With a large variety of sizes featuring over 450 storage units, Highway 16 Mini Storage is sure to have something that meets your needs. Large, well lit hallways make for easy navigation of the interior units. We supply the locks and keys to all units.

Unit sizes are available on a first come, first serve basis.

*Limited space available for RV and Boat parking up to 35’.

Give us a call or check availability.

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SizeLocationHeatedCeiling Height
5' x 5'InteriorYes8'
5' x 7.5'InteriorYes8'
5' x 10'InteriorYes8'
5' x 10'ExteriorNo8'
5' x 15'InteriorYes8'
7.5' x 10'InteriorYes8'
10' x 10'InteriorYes8'
10' x 10'ExteriorNo8'
10' x 10'ExteriorYes8'
10' x 14'ExteriorYes12'
12' x 14'ExteriorYes12'
12' x 15'ExteriorYes12'
10' x 15'InteriorYes8'
10' x 15'ExteriorNo8'
10' x 15'ExteriorYes8'
10' x 20'InteriorNo8'
10' x 20'ExteriorNo8'
10' x 20'ExteriorYes8'
12' x 20'ExteriorNo12'
10' x 25'ExteriorYes8'
14' x 20'InteriorYes8'
10' x 30'ExteriorYes8'
12' x 28'ExteriorNo12'
12' x 25'ExteriorNo8'
12' x 30'ExteriorNo8'
12' x 30'ExteriorYes8'
12' x 40'ExteriorYes8'

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